Motorola Releases New Series of Sports Headphones with Integrated Heart Rate Monitor

Motorola is currently on a tear to dominate the sports headphones and fitness market.  They recently released the MOTOACTV, a GPS fitness tracker and music player unlike anything the market has ever seen before.

The new set of sports headphones will be labeled the SF series and will consist of 2 sets of wired ear hook headphones, and 1 set of wireless headphones.  The SF series has been specifically designed to target sports training, especially those people using the MOTOACTV.

Motorola SF Series Models

SF 200

  • Price Range: $50-$55
  • 13mm dynamic drivers for rich base response
  • Hydrophobic mesh and silicone seals make them sweat-resistant
  • In-line music controls
  • Multiple ear cushion sizes included for achieving a great fit

Motorola SF 200 Sports Headphones

SF 500

  • Price Range: $100-105
  • All the same features as the SF 200
  • Also includes an in-ear heart rate monitor

Motorola SF 500 Sports Headphones

SF 700

  • Price Range: $150-$155
  • All the same features of the SF 500
  • Also wireless with Bluetooth connectivity

Motorola SF 700 Wireless Sports Headphones

Where to Buy

Right now all 3 sports headphones are featured on Amazon, but have commonly been out of stock.  Motorola is revolutionizing the market by adding all these amazing features, so if you can find this product in stock, get it fast.

Check back soon as we’ll be reviewing each product.  Right now it seems like the SF 500 or SF 700 are going to be the way to go.