Polk Audio UltraFit 2000 Sports Headphones Review

UltraFit 2000 Sport HeadphonesThe UltraFit 2000 are the first neckband sports headphones offered by Polk Audio.  If you’re a serious runner or just love to workout outside definitely make sure you look hard at these headphones, as they offer some great features at an amazing price.


Perfect for Outdoor Exercise.  The over the ear design makes these perfect for someone who likes to workout outside, allowing the user to not only listen to their favorite song but also be aware of their surroundings.

Multiple Ear Pad Options.  Polk Audio has gone out of the way to provide different types of ear pads, so that you can find some that meet your need in any environment.

Tangle Free Cord.  You may think this feature is kind of gimmicky, but we assure it is not.  The cord is a bit flatter and thicker than a normal cord and if you’re like us and just toss your headphones in your gym bag haphazardly then this feature will come in handy.


 Sound Quality.  It’s not really that the sound quality is bad, it’s that any over the ear headphone is going to have to compete with ambient noises.  Being able to hear your surroundings keeps you safe, but it also causes a slight reduction in clarity of sound.

Hard to Adjust Ear Pads.  While it’s a pretty cool feature to have different type ear pads for different weather conditions and activities, the ear pads are slightly difficult to get on and off.


Full Review

We’re big fans of using over the ear headphones for biking and running, so we were pretty excited when Polk released an over the ear, neckband sports headphone within their new UltraFit series.  While ear buds are becoming more and more popular in an exercise or sports environment there’s still a place for earphones, especially if you’ve ever had problems with earbuds not staying in during a workout.  The UltraFit 2000 solves that problem by not only utilizing a sports earphone, but also a comfortable neckband.

The UltraFit 2000 doesn’t come equipped with in-line controls, but it does have a built in microphone and 3 button controls placed right on the earphone itself.  It’s compatible with most smart phones, including the iPhone, so if you are set on using your iPhone or iPod as your MP3 player these will work well for you.

UltraFit 2000 OrangeAnother small feature that Polk Audio has done a great job with is style.  All of their UltraFit Sports Headphones come in a variety of different colors.  So whether you prefer the traditional black or want to add a little bit of flare with a bright orange and white, the UltraFit 2000 has you covered.

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  • Weight: 2.5 ounces
  • Build in Microphone
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Warranty: 1 year limited

What’s in the Box

UltraFit 2000 Inside the Box

  1. UltraFit 2000 Headphones
  2. Protective case
  3. (1) Pair silicone ear pads
  4. (2) pairs foam ear pads
  5. (2) pairs cold weather shearling ear pads
  6. Nokia connection adaptor
  7. Shirt sport clip

Where to Buy

If you’re looking to find a great deal, check these out at Amazon.


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